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Minneapolis, 2017 April

Valuable technical property which can be transported can also be easily stolen or misplaced. Such items can range from Hospital equipment to Lab instruments to Consumer electronics.

US Patent protection has been granted for a System, Method and Apparatus for the recovery of such items. Briefly, the system includes the combination of GPS geolocation along with inertial sensing and navigation (INS) combined with the broadly defined use of communication channels. In addition, there is provision to disable the protected equipment in the event of tampering.

The inventors have formed Instrument Recovery Systems Inc. with the intention that an entity or syndicate with the resources to fully develop the system will acquire the intellectual property.

What follows is a description of the features, advantages and benefits of the System. It is mildly technical, so we begin with a Definition of Terms:

INS Inertial Navigation System
IMU Inertial Measurement Unit, part of INS
AHRS Attitude and Heading Reference System, part of INS
GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System
GPS Global Positioning System, part of GNSS, operated by USA
GLONASS Part of GNSS, operated by Russia
GALILEO Part of GNSS, operated by EU
BEIDOU Part of GNSS, operated by China
DGPS Differential GPS, part of GPS
WAAS Wide Area Augmentation System, part of GPS
MEMS Micro-electronic Mechanical Systems (accelerometers, gyros and other sensors manufactured using integrated circuit techniques).
IoT The Internet of Things, general connectivity of devices
IIoT The Industrial Internet of Things

The Patent

With respect to the geolocation aspect:

These are large, costly developments which strongly indicate that various semiconductor manufacturers, especially those with MEMS and/or RF GPS expertise, anticipate a mass market for this type of sensing.

Given the rapid evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), this is no doubt true.

The location and inquiry aspects of the Patent cover a potentially large application area for the above described geolocation devices and systems.

Market A: Semiconductor/MEMS

For the semiconductor/MEMS manufacturer there are important advantages which will be realized by acquisition and control of the Patent:

Market B: Consumer Electronics Retailing

Control of the Differentiated Products

Market C: High value products

The system functionality was originally conceived in connection with theft of consumer products such as flat-screen TV sets. But it has potentially broad application in industrial markets where high-value equipment is often misplaced and sometimes stolen. Some possibilities:

The industrial applications have the further advantage of lower cost sensitivity because of the high cost of the host product.





In many application areas, the coverage afforded by US9304206 is quite broad. The implementations are not narrowly restricted, nor are the communication channels. The incorporation of INS is novel in the suggested application areas and sharply distinguishes the invention at hand from other, seemingly, similar approaches.

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